Changes to Show me everything

Since launch, the show me everything feature has been the source of a number of questions. There is some confusion over how it works. Internally this has led to debate over whether it should remain in its current form, whether it would benefit from some updates, or whether it should be removed as a feature entirely. Show me everything offers users the option to quickly access content, without the proceeding through personalisation steps. Users are presented with a filtered list of all content (showing courses by default). Users can search a category, or switch to another category (categories align with prospectus rows). Show me everything is a configurable option, switched off by dafault. Our recommendation is always to push as many users as possible through personalisation. This provides them with the best UX and most relevant experience, whilst also providing the most value to you as an organisation (through data capture and analytics). In some scenarios we understand that the show me everything view is most widely used by careers advisors who need to jump to course information as quickly as possible. In these cases the button text has been updated to keep the feature active whilst deterring prospects from using this view. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Does the show me everything feature provide value? Would you prefer it didn't exist? How would you adapt it to fit the needs of your institution and your users?