Basic Customisation

Setting up your digital prospectus shouldn't feel like rocket science. With our Basic Customisation feature, it isn't! This option makes it easy to tailor your prospectus's primary visual elements to your university's brand identity, right from the Prospectus Plus interface. ## Functionality: Basic Customisation allows you to upload key brand assets directly into the Prospectus Plus platform. These elements include your institution's logo, primary and secondary brand colours, and introductory videos. This simple process ensures that your prospectus accurately reflects your institution's branding. ## User Experience: Prospective students exploring a prospectus that's been customised with your brand elements will feel an immediate connection with your university. The consistent visual cues can foster a sense of familiarity and trust, contributing to a positive first impression. ## Customisation Options: With Basic Customisation, you can: 1. **Upload your logo**: Showcase your university's emblem prominently in your digital prospectus. You can adjust the positioning of your logo to ensure it stands out just the way you want it. 1. **Define your brand colours**: Set your primary and secondary brand colours in the prospectus interface, aligning the colour scheme with your other digital platforms for consistency. 1. **Upload an introductory video**: Share a dynamic and engaging welcome message or a campus tour video. These visual elements can provide an immersive experience for your prospects, capturing their interest from the outset. ## Implementation: Our user-friendly platform interface makes Basic Customisation a breeze. Simply navigate to the customisation settings, upload your assets or define your colours, and see the changes reflected in real time. No coding skills are required! ## In Conclusion: Basic Customisation provides an accessible and effective way to infuse your digital prospectus with your university's brand identity. With just a few clicks, your prospectus can become a visually cohesive and engaging platform for prospective students to explore what you have to offer. After all, your prospectus should be unmistakably yours!