Advisor Mode

"Advisor Mode" is a dynamic feature designed to bridge the gap between university advisors and prospective students in creating personalised prospectuses. It allows a university advisor to assist prospective students in creating a tailored prospectus and ensures its immediate delivery to the prospect's inbox. A powerful aspect of Advisor Mode is the option to use it as a gatekeeper to the prospectus. This feature moves the data capture point further forward, enabling universities to gather essential prospect information before granting access to the prospectus. Such an approach could significantly aid institutions that prioritize capturing prospective student data early in their interactions. ## Functionality: The Advisor Mode intervenes in the prospectus creation process after the personalisation phase but before the overview phase. It integrates seamlessly with the existing data capture or registration form, optimising the sequence of actions that lead to a personalised prospectus. Once the advisor helps create the prospectus, an automated system sends an email to the prospect. This email contains a unique link to their personalised prospectus, giving them instant access to the information they need. ## Customisation Options: To enhance the user experience and maintain a level of exclusivity, the Advisor Mode can be activated on a specific URL extension (e.g., /advisor-mode). This feature is exclusively available to logged-in advisors, ensuring that the benefits of the mode are delivered to the intended users. ## Other Features: For efficient user management, the Advisor Mode should come with a 'reset' option. This allows advisors to easily start the process anew for each individual user. Furthermore, to track and measure the effectiveness of this feature, a built-in analytic tool will record and display the number of leads captured via the Advisor Mode. ## Out of Scope: The current iteration of Advisor Mode does not support offline usage. Also, the feature does not provide the option for advisors to add a personal note in the prospectus at this time. Detailed Advisor-specific analytics are also not included in this iteration. These features may be considered for future updates based on user feedback and requirements.