Magical Course Sync

"Magical Course Sync" is a cutting-edge feature designed to automate and simplify course listing updates in Prospectus Plus. Leveraging a JSON or XML feed hosted on a public URL, this feature ensures that your course data in the system is always current, updated nightly to reflect the most recent changes. ## Functionality: The Magical Course Sync feature operates by synchronizing course data from a source file hosted on a public URL. Whether your institution's course data is in JSON or XML format, this feature can seamlessly extract, interpret, and update the corresponding listings in Prospectus Plus. Each night, the system initiates a sync operation, automatically updating any changes to course names, descriptions, durations, entry requirements, and any other relevant details. This process occurs without any manual input, dramatically reducing the workload for administrative staff and minimizing the chance of errors. ## User Experience: With Magical Course Sync, you can ensure prospective students have access to the most accurate and up-to-date course information, improving their browsing and decision-making experience. This automated process also allows university staff to focus on other important tasks, knowing that course data is being managed accurately and efficiently. ## Technical Integration: Integration with the Magical Course Sync feature is straightforward. The course data simply needs to be formatted in either JSON or XML format and hosted on a public URL. Once the URL is provided to Prospectus Plus, the system handles the rest, automatically updating course data on a nightly basis. ## Customisation Options: This feature is highly flexible and adaptable to various institutional needs. For instance, it allows the selection of specific fields to sync (e.g., course title, description, duration), offering control over what information is automatically updated. ## In Conclusion: The Magical Course Sync feature offers an efficient and effortless way to keep your course listings up-to-date, enhancing the overall experience for both prospective students and administrative staff. It's not just magic, it's practical magic.