Enhanced Customisation: Custom CSS

Unlock the power of personalisation with the "Custom CSS" feature in Prospectus Plus. This option allows universities to tailor their digital prospectus's look and feel to match their unique brand identity. It provides full control over styles, from typography and colours to layout and UI elements, ensuring that your prospectus is an authentic digital extension of your institution. ## Functionality: With the Custom CSS feature, you can apply your specific CSS rules to override the default styles of the Prospectus Plus interface. It allows you to adjust the styling of virtually every element within the platform, including fonts, colors, spacing, backgrounds, and even intricate details like hover effects and animations. ## User Experience: A digital prospectus styled with Custom CSS doesn’t just look good—it feels good. Prospective students navigating a prospectus that aligns with your institution's branding will experience a sense of cohesion and consistency. This enhances their perception of your university, boosting confidence and trust in your offering. ## Technical Integration: Implementing your custom styles is as easy as providing your CSS file. Once you've styled your CSS to match your branding requirements, simply upload the file to the Prospectus Plus platform. Our system will apply your custom styles, overriding the default appearance and delivering your bespoke user experience. ## Customisation Options: The sky's the limit with Custom CSS. You can tailor every aspect of your prospectus, from major elements like navigation menus and course cards to the smallest details like button radius and shadow effects. Remember, though, with great power comes great responsibility - be sure to test your changes thoroughly to ensure they improve the user experience! ## In Conclusion: By taking full control of your digital prospectus's appearance with Custom CSS, you ensure that your brand personality shines through. It's your prospectus, so it should look like it! So let your creativity run wild and design a prospectus that truly encapsulates your institution's spirit.