Zapier Integration

A Zapier integration for Prospectus Plus would enable seamless connectivity and workflow automation between Prospectus Plus and over 6,000 web applications. This feature is aimed at enhancing the digital-first approach of Prospectus Plus, streamlining marketing efforts, and fostering a more efficient, personalised user experience. ## Objective: To empower educational institutions with the capability to automate workflows between Prospectus Plus and other critical software tools they use, including **CRM systems**, and email marketing platforms. This integration facilitates real-time data exchange, reduces manual data entry, and ensures that marketing teams can create and distribute content more efficiently. ## Rationale: Our mission at Prospectus Plus is to provide a sustainable, personalised, and trackable digital alternative to the traditionally printed prospectus. The integration with Zapier aligns with our unique selling proposition by offering automation that enables marketing teams to work faster and more effectively than ever before. CRM is a big request from the community, and this would allow Prospectus Plus to integrate with almost all CRM systems in one go. ## Benefits: - **Efficiency and Time-Saving:** Automates repetitive tasks, saving valuable time for marketing teams. - **Enhanced Personalisation:** Enables dynamic content updates based on real-time data in connected apps. - **Increased Engagement:** Facilitates more targeted and relevant communication with prospective students. - **Data Integrity:** Reduces the risk of errors from manual data entry, ensuring accurate prospectus content. - **Scalability:** Easily scales with institutions as their digital marketing strategies evolve and expand. ## Implementation Considerations: - The integration should allow users to create "Zaps" that trigger when a prospectus is created. - Ensure compliance with data protection and privacy regulations, maintaining the confidentiality and security of user data. - Develop documentation and user guides to assist marketing teams in setting up and utilising the integration effectively. ## Desired Outcome: By introducing the Zapier integration, Prospectus Plus will further solidify its position as a pioneer in the digital prospectus space, offering unmatched convenience and capability to its users. This feature will underscore a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and personalisation, attracting more educational institutions to adopt the platform and contribute to a more eco-friendly approach to student recruitment. ## Feature Roadmap - MVP - Send basic prospectus data over Zapier - Phase 2 - Send custom registration data - Phase 3 - Send previously selected personalisation choices