Redesign the Course Selector

The current card layout in the course selector of Prospectus Plus is causing customisation issues for our clients. Whilst cards in the main prospectus are flourishing due to the new card styles available, the course selector card style is limited in how it can be custommised. To improve the consistency and ease of customisation, it is proposed to unify this card style with the global card style that is the default in the overview section. ## Acceptance Criteria * The card layout in the course selector should align with the global card style seen in the overview section. * Any customisation done to the global card style should automatically reflect in the course selector’s card layout. * The new design should not disrupt the user interface or interfere with the functionality of the course selector. * Ensure that the unified card layout is responsive and works seamlessly across different devices and browsers. ## Future Enhancements * Provide an option for prospectus editors to toggle between multiple pre-designed card styles. * Enable advanced customisation options for cards, perhaps through a user-friendly interface within Prospectus Plus. ## Risks and Dependencies * Thorough testing must be done to ensure that unifying the card layout doesn't break any existing customisations or introduce new bugs. * The development team must work closely with the design team to implement the unified card layout without compromising on user experience. I've attached an initial mock up for what this would mean for the course selector, should this suggestion get accepted.