Walled Garden mode

## Introduction In the current iteration of Prospectus Plus, prospectuses are public by defauly, allowing users free access without the precondition of offering any personal data. Users are only prompted to register and provide their details when they decide to save or share a prospectus. However, this open-access approach doesn't align with the data capture strategies of many educational institutions, where prospectuses are a gateway to initiate the data collection process. To align more closely with the approach adopted by many educational institutions and to offer them greater control over their data collection touchpoints, we propose introducing a ‘Walled Garden Mode.’ This feature endeavors to grant institutions the autonomy to determine when and how they capture prospective data. ## Description ‘Walled Garden Mode’ is envisaged as a controlled environment where educational institutions have the flexibility to dictate the terms of access to their prospectus content. Under this mode, institutions can opt to keep their prospectuses concealed from public view, making data capture a prerequisite to gaining access to the prospectus material. ## Detail Integration with Custom Registration Form: **Customised Data Fields:** Working hand in hand with the 'Custom Registration Form' feature, the ‘Walled Garden Mode’ will allow institutions to specify the data fields they want to include in their registration forms, thus capturing only the most pertinent details from their prospective students. **Enhanced Control:** Mandatory Data Capture: Institutions can mandate data capture before allowing access, ensuring a consistent collection of essential information from all prospective students. **Versatility:** Optional Implementation: Institutions retain the flexibility to switch between an open access and walled garden approach, catering to different strategies and campaigns effectively.