Floating Action Bar

The University of Gloucestershire requested a custom feature known as the "Floating Action Bar." This feature, specifically designed for mobile devices, offers quick access to core features of Prospectus Plus. It is designed to be within thumb's reach and provides visibility for available options rather than hiding them in an off-canvas menu. This was built as a custom development for the University of Gloucestershire, but many other users have expressed interest in this feature, valuing its user-friendly nature for mobile users. ## User Stories * As a mobile user, I want quick and easy access to core features of Prospectus Plus so that I can navigate efficiently. * As a prospectus editor, I want the ability to customise the Floating Action Bar using CSS so that it aligns with our branding and design guidelines. ## Acceptance Criteria * A Floating Action Bar should be visible on mobile devices only as a default. * The bar should provide quick access to core features of Prospectus Plus. * It should be always visible, no matter where the user is on the page. * The bar should be fully responsive and not interfere with other elements on the page. * Users should be able to customise the look and feel of the bar through CSS. ## Future Enhancements * Provide an interface for easily customising what features/links go into the Floating Action Bar. * Add the option for the bar to be hidden or shown based on user interaction or scrolling. ## Risks and Dependencies * The Floating Action Bar must be well-tested to ensure it doesn't disrupt the user interface on various mobile devices and browsers. * Customisation options must be robust but not so complicated that they become a barrier to entry for users.