User Export

While there are plans for CRM integration with Prospectus Plus, a substantial number of clients do not use a CRM system. To accommodate these clients, I propose adding a feature that allows user data to be exported directly from the Prospectus Plus interface. ## User Stories As a prospectus editor, I want to export user data so that I can utilise it for marketing, outreach, or analytics, provided this is covered within our privacy policy. ## Acceptance Criteria * Allow prospectus editors to export user data collected from the registration form. * The export functionality should be secure and only accessible to authorized personnel. * Include a disclaimer reminding editors to ensure that their privacy policy permits this action. * Data should be exported in a commonly used format, such as CSV. ## Future Enhancements Extend the feature to allow the export of user personalisation choices, in addition to basic registration information. ## Risks and Dependencies * This feature must be compliant with data protection laws and regulations. * Dependency on the legal team for ensuring privacy policy compatibility.