Personalise Rows based on a specific question

Prospectus Plus currently employs a personalisation algorithm centered around course offerings. Each question posed to users serves the function of narrowing down course options. While effective, this approach has its limitations. ## Problem Statement: Consider a scenario where a user is asked, "Where do you live?" with possible answers being "UK" or "Rest of World." At present, to show application information relevant to that specific question, two separate course records (one for "UK" and one for "International") would need to be created. This workaround is not only cumbersome but often impractical or impossible—especially in settings with automatic course synchronisation. ## Proposed Solution: Introduce additional controls in the overview builder to allow row contents to be personalised based on either: * The courses added to the Prospectus * Answers to specific questions in the personalisation questionnaire By implementing this feature, we can offer a more nuanced personalisation experience without requiring users to duplicate course records for different contexts.